Set-up Crew 
A strong back and willing heart are needed! This hard-working crew handles all the tear down and set up of the tables, chairs and stage for dinners and special events.
Building Maintenance 
Tending to the maintenance needs of our church.
Grounds Maintenance 
We need some folks to help keep our flowers blooming and pull weeds. Call the church office if you love to garden!
Directional Signs
Posting church directional signs before Sunday morning services and special events.
Cards of Encouragement 
Personalized cards are sent to those in need of special encouragement and spiritual strength.
Hospital Visitation
A committed team of members who visit, phone and pray for those hospitalized, placed in nursing homes, shut-ins, or have lost a loved one.
Birthday Cards for Members 
We send out cards to our members celebrating their birthday. Make sure we have your special day on file so we can wish you a happy one!
This is a ministry to those in need in our community. His Servants Ministry has partnered with Christ Community and it’s members to provide a hot meal and clothing items for anyone in need. Meals are served on the first Saturday of each month from 3:00pm to 5:00pm at Christ Community.
Secret Sisters Ministry 
Notes of encouragement and little gifts of love, given and received in secret by a sister in Christ.  Ministry begins in the Fall and ends in the Spring.
Prayer Team
Prayer requests are collected by our team which meets weekly to pray for these concerns.
E-Mail Prayer Chain
Prayer requests are emailed to our prayer warriors and the entire team is in agreement for that particular request.